About the company

About the company:

The construction of the Slonim worsted spinning mill began in 1971. The factory was put into operation in October 1977.

JSC “Slonim Worsted and Spinning Factory” is the only surviving enterprise of five standard, simultaneously built enterprises of the USSR, specializing in the production of worsted yarn. The type of ownership is the property of non-state legal entities. The production capacity of the enterprise allows the production of 2000 tons of yarn per year. The average headcount of the enterprise is 700 people.

In 2017, the company celebrated its 40th anniversary.

In 2018, the enterprise put into operation 2 Italian winding machines, which provide a high degree of yarn cleaning from defects, trash impurities and fluff accumulation, which significantly improves the quality of the products, and a special winding system ensures uniform dyeing of the yarn.

In 2021, the Slonim Worsted Spinning Factory, an open joint-stock company, purchased a complex of dyeing equipment, which will allow introducing new technologies for dyeing chemical tow and staple fiber into production. In turn, it will expand the color gamut of yarn from chemical fibers with an even color in the finished form.

Joint Stock Company “Slonim Worsted Spinning Factory” refers to the textile industry and is part of the Belarusian state production and sale of light industry goods “Bellegprom”.

Taking into account the market conditions at present, the main assortment of JSC "Slonim Worsted and Spinning Factory" of manufactured products includes:
  • Semi-wool, pure-wool fleece yarn;
  • High-bulk semi-wool yarn;
  • Semi-worsted half-woolen yarn and yarn from chemical fibers;
  • Semi-worsted half-woolen yarn and high-bulk yarn from chemical fibers;
  • Blended yarn from chemical and natural fibers;
  • High-bulk 100% acrylic yarn;
  • Пряжа полукамвольная 100% акрил фиксированная;
  • Semi-worsted high-bulk 100% acrylic;
  • Yarn for hand knitting;
  • Semi-wool, pure-wool sliver;
  • Woolen batting.

About raw materials:

The company uses wool, linen, polyacrylonitrile, polyamide, polyester, polyacrylonitrile, viscose and other fibers as raw materials.

Quality policy

Improving the well-being of employees of the enterprise through the release of competitive products, ensuring the financial growth of the enterprise and establishing long-term mutually beneficial relationships with partners is not just a goal laid down in the Quality Policy of our enterprise, but a reliable basis for initiatives for the sustainable development of the enterprise as a whole. Competitive products are the key to the successful activities of JSC “Slonim Worsted and Spinning Factory”.

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